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I removed the following from the article

The lists on these pages are based on these freely available on the website of ABU . The licence is here, in french.

There was nothing at the site that seemed to have anything to do with the Turkish language. The site deals with public domain electronic texts. The purported licensing demands do not appear to have any basis in law. Eclecticology 17:41, 10 Oct 2003 (UTC)

I wanted to start a lıst wıth turkısh words e.g.: Yardım or Kuzu and show the great ideas behind wiktionary to my turkish friend

I just wanted to get an Index for Turkish, thank you for your help

Thank you for your efforts. I know that it's always difficult when you have not yet developed experience with the site. We do welcome contributions for words in any language. I would like to suggest that you adopt a user name. To do so simply go to the "Log in" link at the top of the page and choose the name and a password. There is absolutely no obligation for the user name to be your real name. Regular users are naturally suspicious of URL's because they could as easily be someone who wants to make mischief. When you have a user name, others soon learn the quality of your work and to trust it. The user name also makes communication with you easier; when someone wants to say something to you on your user talk page you will receive a notice when you log in that you have messages. Welcome to Wiktionary. Eclecticology 22:36, 10 Oct 2003 (UTC)