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inner (near, seen from China proper) + Mongolia

Proper noun[edit]

Inner Mongolia

  1. An East Asian region, south of Outer Mongolia (the present Mongolian republic), with closely related native Mongolian population, mostly north of the Great Wall, which however became part of the Chinese empire, and later an autonomous region in the People's Republic of China, comprising several northern provinces
    • 1832 August, Le Ming-che Tsing-lae, “Ta-tsing wan-neen yih-tung King-wei Yu-too”, in The Chinese Repository[1], volume 1, number 4, Canton, page 120:
      Inner Mongolia has no lakes of any importance, and those of the Kalkas are small; but Kobdo is a country of lakes, as well as of mountains.
    • 1834, Charles Gutzlaff, A Sketch of Chinese History[2], volume 1, page 12:
      The twenty-four tribes, or Aimaks, in Inner Mongolia constitute forty-nine standards or Khochoun,—Ke, in Chinese.
    • 1973 February 4, “Size of Inner Mongolia reduced”, in Free China Weekly[3], volume XIV, number 5, Taipei, ISSN 0016-0318, OCLC 1786626, page 3:
      The Chinese Communist regime has drastically reduced the size of Inner Mongolia and greatly boosted Chinese immigration there in an effort to reduce the Russian threat on the Mongolian border.
      . . .
      With the heavy concentration of Soviet troops along the borders of Inner Mongolia, Peiping fears that the Mongolians might rise to pave the way for a Russian invasion, the report said.
      By cutting up Inner Mongolia and reducing the Mongolian population, the Chinese Communists hope to make their tight control of the Mongolians easier in face of the Russian threat, the report said.
    • 2020 October 17, “Orphaned by the state”, in The Economist[4], volume 437, number 9216, page 37:
      As elsewhere in China, Xinjiang has been stepping up efforts to banish ethnic-minority languages from schools—a policy that has recently triggered protests by parents in Inner Mongolia, a northern region.



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