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Coined when Ed Vane, a skeptical producer, rejected an earlier concept of the show, claiming “it doesn’t have enough jeopardies”, according to creator Merv Griffin.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Jeopardy!, a popular US television game show in which contestants answer clues by responding in the form of a question, hosted originally by Art Fleming and most notably by Alex Trebek.
    • 1986, Shane Black, Lethal Weapon (released 1987), scene 12, Warner Bros.
      Murtaugh: Honey, what’s this on my tie?
      She looks.
      Trish: An ugly spot?
      Murtaugh: Thanks. Sharp as a pin.
      Trish: I’m thinking of going on ‘Jeopardy’.
    • 1999, Kenneth Lonergan and Peter Tolan, analyze this, Warner Bros.
      Ben: You know, normally a patient wouldn’t smoke or drink during a session.
      Vitti: (blowing smoke) That’s an interesting fact I’ll have to remember if I’m ever on ‘Jeopardy’.
    • 2003, Matthew McIntosh, Well, Grove Press, →ISBN, pages 43-44
      [] after Wheel we’d watch Jeopardy which again she was much better at than me [] and after Jeopardy we’d watch prime-time lineup—usually NBC because she likes their sitcoms better []

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