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Central Franconian[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *kuningaz (compare German König). The form Künnisch is based on standard German; the original dialectal forms have -ik, -ing.



Künnisch m (plural Künnije)

  1. (some dialects, including Kölsch) king, King (ruler of a kingdom)
    Künnisch vun Spanie heiß Juan Carlos.
    The King of Spain is called Juan Carlos.
  2. (some dialects, including Kölsch) king (chess piece)
    Schachmatt ess, wenn dinge Künnisch jekräje weed, ejal wo de en hendeis.
    A checkmate comes about when your king will be caught wherever you put him.
  3. (some dialects, including Kölsch) king (card)
    Nohm Ass ess d’r Künnisch die hüchste Kaat em Spill.
    After the ace, the king is the next highest card in the game.

Derived terms[edit]