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Proper noun[edit]

Kanad (genitive Kanadan, partitive Kanadad)

  1. Canada (a country in North America)


Inflection of Kanad (inflection type 5/sana)
nominative sing. Kanad
genitive sing. Kanadan
partitive sing. Kanadad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Kanad
accusative Kanadan
genitive Kanadan
partitive Kanadad
essive-instructive Kanadan
translative Kanadaks
inessive Kanadas
elative Kanadaspäi
illative Kanadaha
adessive Kanadal
ablative Kanadalpäi
allative Kanadale
abessive Kanadata
comitative Kanadanke
prolative Kanadadme
approximative I Kanadanno
approximative II Kanadannoks
egressive Kanadannopäi
terminative I Kanadahasai
terminative II Kanadalesai
terminative III Kanadassai
additive I Kanadahapäi
additive II Kanadalepäi