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Name of a chain of theme parks based on the Lego building bricks; +‎ -land.


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Legoland (plural Legolands)

  1. (slang) A place characterised by square edges and extreme regularity.
    • 1997, Mark McCrum, No worries: a journey through Australia:
      ...three hundred yards back from that, behind a legoland of hotels and apartment blocks...
    • 2004, Tim Jepson, The rough guide to Canada:
      Its pristine stone houses, most of which date from around 1685, are undeniably photogenic, with their steep metal roofs, numerous chimneys and pastel-coloured shutters, but it's a Legoland townscape, devoid of the scars of history.
    • 2004, Neil Leach, Laurent Gutierrez, Valérie Portefaix, China
      Gradually these Legolands appear bigger and bigger, closer and closer, as the aircraft descends.
    • 2004, Yorke M Rowan, Uzi Baram, Marketing heritage: archaeology and the consumption of the past
      Unlike most cities and towns in the East, one Bavarian preservationist claimed, modernized West German cities had mutated into "schematized Legolands"...