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Proper noun[edit]


  1. An orbital motorway surrounding London.
  2. (figuratively) The notional border between London and the rest of the UK.
    • 2007, Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Public Service Content: First Report of Session 2007-08, Vol. 2: Oral and Written Evidence, The Stationery Office →ISBN, page 63
      Under the Communications Act 2003, all the commercial public service broadcasters are therefore required to commission certain levels of network programming from outside the M25 by value and volume.
    • 2009, Maria Roberts, Single Mother on the Verge, Penguin UK →ISBN
      That's quite an achievement, I think, for someone inside the M25 to travel north, especially someone with such a plummy accent.
    • 2013, Paul Burke, The Life of Reilly, Hachette UK →ISBN
      Although he was quite capable of affecting accents from outside the M25, he always steered clear of doing so.

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