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Alternative forms[edit]



Mama f (genitive Mama or Mamas, plural Mamas)

  1. mum, mummy, mom, mommy

Usage notes[edit]

  • The word is commonly used with a definite article in most parts of central Germany, southern Germany, and Austria: Wo ist die Mama? – “Where is Mum?” In northern Germany—and generally in writing—no article tends to be used: Wo ist Mama?
  • The genitive Mamas is used before the modified term, without any article or determiner: Mamas Tasche – “Mum’s bag”. This is chiefly northern German usage; the rest of the language prefers: die Tasche von der Mama (as above). — With an accompanying article or determiner, the genitive takes no ending: die Tasche meiner Mama – “my mum’s bag”. This, however, is not common usage in any region; children will say instead: die Tasche von meiner Mama.


Derived terms[edit]

  • Mami (affectionate)

Further reading[edit]

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