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Alternative forms[edit]


From the brand name of Marlboro cigarettes; first used in the mid-1950s.


Marlboro Man (plural Marlboro Men)

  1. An iconic male character depicted in cigarette advertisements as a rugged, handsome, physically active, and very masculine smoker; a real or fictional man whose appearance or behavior evokes this character.
    • 1958 March 24, “Sport: Ladies' Day”, in Time[1], retrieved 14 July 2014:
      The weather would have discouraged a Marlboro man.
    • 1990 March 11, Steel, Ronald, “The Long Shadow of Ambition”, in New York Times[2], book review of Means of Ascent: The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert A. Caro, retrieved 14 July 2014:
      This one, if not a knight in shining armor, is at least a Marlboro man: a tall, lanky, self-taught lawyer of "broad shoulders," whose personality, "strong and silent," was the very "embodiment of what Texans liked to think of as 'Texan.'"
    • 1997, Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, written by David Koepp (screenplay), Universal Pictures:
      "What are you talking about? Five years of work and a hundred miles of electrified fence couldn't prepare the other island. And you think that, what? A couple dozen Marlboro men were going to make a difference here?"
    • 2006 January 8, Romney, Jonathan, “Brokeback Mountain”, in The Independent (UK)[3], retrieved 14 July 2014:
      A rugged landscape, two rugged men—stetsons, corduroy and denim—both gazing terse and tight-jawed at the Wyoming mountainscape. . . . This is Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, but it could have been called Secret Sex Lives of the Marlboro Men.