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Midan (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Synonym of Midasian
    • 1881, The Ethics of Love, page 25:
      to turn all things by one's touch, not to Midan gold, but putrescence.
    • 1906, Thomas Nelson Page, The Novels, Stories, Sketches and Poems of Thomas Nelson Page: The black stock, Santa Claus's partner, page 143:
      Van Diver was always spoken of as the "Grain King," "Mining King," or some other kind of Royalty, because of his infallible success, and Midan touch.
    • 1912, Denis Oliver Crowley, Timothy Leonard Crowley, The Flowers of Present Love, Songs, Sonnets and Essays: Songs and Essays, page 97:
      Bring then the hast'ning joys of earth
      To every troubled heart,
      And by your Midan touch of mirth
      New strength and hope impart.