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From Middle High German mittel, from Old High German mittil (akin to Old Saxon middil), from Proto-Germanic *midlą, *midilą, *medalą (middle), *midil-. Compare Dutch middel, English middle. See also Mitte.


  • IPA(key): /ˈmɪtəl/, [ˈmɪtl̩]
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Mittel n (strong, genitive Mittels, plural Mittel)

  1. agent, appliance
  2. means
    • 2010, Der Spiegel[1], number 31/2010, page 56:
      Die Aufgabe eines Verteidigers besteht darin, für seine Mandanten mit allen Mitteln des Rechtsstaats zu kämpfen.
      The duty of a defense lawyer consists of fighting for his clients with all constitutional means.
  3. medicament, remedy
    Ein ausgezeichnetes Mittel gegen Arteriosklerose.An excellent remedy for arteriosclerosis.
  4. (only plural) funds, capital
  5. median
  6. (uncountable, printing, dated) The middle of the 7 traditional sizes of German type, between Cicero and Tertia, standardized as 14 point and taken as roughly equivalent to "English" type.


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