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From Middle High German mittel, from Old High German mittil (akin to Old Saxon middil), from Proto-Germanic *midlą, *midilą, *medalą (middle), *midil-. Compare Dutch middel, English middle. See also Mitte.


  • IPA(key): /ˈmɪtəl/, [ˈmɪtl̩]
  • (file)


Mittel n (strong, genitive Mittels, plural Mittel)

  1. agent, appliance
  2. means
    • 2010, Der Spiegel, issue 31/2010, page 56:
      Die Aufgabe eines Verteidigers besteht darin, für seine Mandanten mit allen Mitteln des Rechtsstaats zu kämpfen.
      The duty of a defense lawyer consists of fighting for his clients with all constitutional means.
  3. medicament, remedy
  4. (only plural) funds, capital
  5. median
  6. (uncountable, printing, dated) The middle of the 7 traditional sizes of German type, between Cicero and Tertia, standardized as 14 point and taken as roughly equivalent to "English" type.


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