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Alternative forms[edit]



Miz (plural Mizzes)

  1. (US) spoken or dialectal form of Ms
    • 1988, Julius Lester, More tales of Uncle Remus: further adventures of Brer Rabbit, his friends, enemies, and others[1], ISBN 9780803704206, page 13:
      When he got there, Miz Meadows asked him where was Brer Fox
    • 1995, Virginia Hamilton, “Miz Hattie Gets Some Company”, in Her stories: African American folktales, fairy tales, and true tales[2], ISBN 9780590473705, Her Animal Tales, page 15:
      Once upon a time, when dogs barked in rhyme, there was Miz Hattie. Miz Hattie lived all alone in the piney woods.
    • 2000, Janice Holt Giles, Hill Man[3], ISBN 9780813121659, page 159:
      Miz Rowe knew, of course, that Flary was at home, and knew that she was making a hand along with the old man and the boys.