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This module will sort French language text. It is also used to sort Karipúna Creole French, Louisiana Creole French, Mauritian Creole, Norman, Picard, Réunion Creole French, Angevin, Bourbonnais-Berrichon, Bourguignon, Champenois, Franc-Comtois, Gallo, Lorrain, Orléanais, Poitevin-Saintongeais, Tourangeau, San Miguel Creole French, and Tay Boi. The module should preferably not be called directly from templates or other modules. To use it from a template, use {{sortkey}}. Within a module, use Module:languages#Language:makeSortKey.

For testcases, see Module:fr-sortkey/testcases.


makeSortKey(text, lang, sc)
Generates a sortkey for a given piece of text written in the script specified by the code sc, and language specified by the code lang.
When the sort fails, returns nil.

local export = {}
local u = mw.ustring.char

local remove_diacritics = u(0x0300) .. "-" .. u(0x0302) .. u(0x0308) .. u(0x030A) .. u(0x0327) .. "'" -- grave, acute, circumflex, diaeresis, ring above, cedilla, apostrophe

local oneChar = {
	["æ"] = "ae", ["œ"] = "oe"

function export.makeSortKey(text, lang, sc)
	return mw.ustring.upper(mw.ustring.toNFC(mw.ustring.gsub(mw.ustring.toNFD(mw.ustring.gsub(mw.ustring.lower(text), ".", oneChar)), "[" .. remove_diacritics .. "]", ""))) -- decompose, remove appropriate diacritics, then recompose again

return export