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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ottoman Turkish مسلمان(musulman), from Persian مسلمان(mosalmân, Muslim), from Arabic مُسْلِم(muslim, Muslim).



Mussulman (plural Mussulmans or Mussulmen)

  1. (archaic) A Muslim.
    • 1626, George Emalcin, “The Saracenical History, [] Written in Arabike [] Englished, Abridged, and Continued to the End of the Chalifa’s”, in Samuel Purchas, transl., Purchas His Pilgrimes. [], 5th part, London: [] William Stansby for Henrie Fetherstone, [], →OCLC, page 1013:
      The firſt Emperor of the Muſlemans was Muhammed Abulcaſim of glorious memory.
    • 1819, Henry Tudor Farmer, Imagination; the Maniac's Dream: And Other Poems, page 157:
      [] look at these Christians closely, and you will abhor them. They are the worshippers of gold, not the followers of Alla. The poorest Mussulman has more hospitality than their Cadi; more charity than their Imans; more honesty than their Viziers.
    • 1828, Thomas Keightley, The Fairy Mythology, volume I, London: William Harrison Ainsworth, page 71:
      The imagination of the Hindoo paints his Swergas as "profuse of bliss," and all the joys of sense are collected in the Paradise of the Mussulman.

Derived terms[edit]