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 Nīderlande on Latvian Wikipedia
Nīderlande (Eiropā)
Nīderlandes karogs


Borrowed from German Niederlande (the Netherlands) (note the vowel ī in the initial syllable, unlike the e found in English Netherlands and in Dutch Nederland).


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Proper noun[edit]

Nīderlande f (5th declension)

  1. the Netherlands (country in northwestern Europe, with Amsterdam and The Hague as its capitals)
    Nīderlandes karogsthe flag of the Netherlands
    Nīderlandes karalienethe queen of the Netherlands
    Nīderlande ir konstitucionālā monarhija ar parlamentuthe Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with a parliament

Usage notes[edit]

The name of the Netherlands in Latvian is Nīderlande, but, as in many languages, the term Holande is very often used as the name of the whole country, even though it should in principle only apply to the region of the two provinces of North Holland and South Holland (in Latvian, Ziemeļholande and Dienvidholande).



Related terms[edit]