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NDP +‎ -er


NDPer (plural NDPers)

  1. (Canadian politics) A member or supporter of the New Democratic Party, a Canadian political party.
    • 2007, Glenn Wheeler, "NDP's stealth threat." NOW, Toronto, vol 26 no 12, 23-29 Nov.
      "What's not to like?" the NDPer asks. "He talks about the environment and social justice like he's motivated about them."
    • 2010, Mary Agnes Welch, “NDP calls in top organizer: St. Norbert ward is ‘in play’”, in Winnipeg Free Press, October 14, p B4:
      Langen, who has been volunteering on NDPer Keith Bellamy's council campaign in Daniel McIntyre, said he got a call from a local union asking for a top-tier campaign manager willing to kick May's campaign into high gear.


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