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Nepāla (Āzijā)
Nepālas karogs


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Sanskrit नेपाल ‎(nepāla), which has been suggested to be from निपात ‎(nipāta, descent, fall) + a word for “abode, house.” If this hypothesis is right, the name would refer to villages in mountain valleys.


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Proper noun[edit]

Nepāla f ‎(4th declension)

  1. Nepal (country in the Himalayan region of Asia, with Kathmandu as its capital)
    Nepālas karogs — the flag of Nepal
    Nepālā ir augstākā Zemes virsotne Everests — In Nepal is (situated) the Earth's highest peak: the Everest
    Nepāla ir valsts ar ļoti daudzveidīgu ģeogrāfiju un kultūruNepal is a contry with very diverse geography and culture



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