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Nepāla (Āzijā)
Nepālas karogs


Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Sanskrit नेपाल (nepāla), which has been suggested to be from निपात (nipāta, descent, fall) + a word for “abode, house.” If this hypothesis is right, the name would refer to villages in mountain valleys.


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Proper noun[edit]

Nepāla f (4th declension)

  1. Nepal (country in the Himalayan region of Asia, with Kathmandu as its capital)
    Nepālas karogsthe flag of Nepal
    Nepālā ir augstākā Zemes virsotne EverestsIn Nepal is (situated) the Earth's highest peak: the Everest
    Nepāla ir valsts ar ļoti daudzveidīgu ģeogrāfiju un kultūruNepal is a contry with very diverse geography and culture



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