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Nienzi̱t (plural Nienzi̱ts)

  1. A people of central Nigeria.

Proper noun[edit]


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  1. A collective name for the Plateau group of people of Central or Middle Belt Nigeria, who speak about twenty languages belonging to the Plateau branch of the Benue-Congo branch of the larger Niger-Congo family of African languages. These people include the Atyap, Ham, Adara, Aninka, Afizere, Berom, Irigwe, Tinor (Koro), and others. These people trace their common origin to the high Jos-Bauchi Plateau] and were part of a large confederate state which covers much of present-day Central Nigeria, known as Kwararafa, headed by the Jukuns, before that state was weakened by attacks from the Kanem-Borno empire to the northeast in the late 17th century AD, as well as by internal strife for independence from within.