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Ancient Greek Νιόβη ‎(Nióbē).


Proper noun[edit]

Niobe f

  1. (Greek Mythology) A daughter of Tantalus, said to have turned into stone while weeping for her children.
  2. (astronomy) Short for 71 Niobe, a main belt asteroid.
  3. A female given name


Niobe ‎(plural Niobes)

  1. A crying woman; a woman who is bereaved or inconsolable. [from 16th c.]
    • 1609, William Shakespeare, Troilus & Cressida, V.11:
      There is a word will Priam turne to stone, Make wells and Niobe’s of the maides and wiues.
    • 1748, Samuel Richardson, Clarissa:
      But when a man has been ranging, like the painful bee, from flower to flower, perhaps for a month together, and the thoughts of home and wife begin to have their charms with him, to be received by a Niobe, who, like a wounded vine, weeps her vitals away, while she but involuntarily curls about him; how shall I be able to bear that?