Old Dart

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After the river Dart in Dartmouth.

Proper noun[edit]

Old Dart

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) Britain or England, the Old Country; London.
    • 2003, John Williams, German Anzacs And The First World War[1], page 9:
      The ‘Old Dart’ mattered little to German Australians but the empire was another matter and Australia was their home.
    • 2003, Di Morrissey, Barra Creek, 2010, page 432,
      ‘I have a whole range of new talents, Dad. I can muster a mob of cattle, break in a horse, speak pidgin, and at a pinch, stitch up someone′s head.’
      ‘Very useful in the Old Dart,’ he commented dryly and returned to his newspaper.
    • 2004, Mark Browning, Rod Marsh: A Life in Cricket[2], page 55:
      Marsh′s experiences during his first days in the Old Dart were no different from most Australian cricketers′.