Old World porcupine

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An Old World porcupine (genus Atherurus, unidentified species)


From Old World + porcupine.


Old World porcupine (plural Old World porcupines)

  1. Any of the large, spiny-furred rodents of the family Hystricidae, native to the southern Eurasia and Africa.
    • 2008, Barbara A. Holzman, Tropical Forest Biomes[1], page 115:
      Rodents are represented by four families: squirrels, Old World porcupines, mice and rats, and bamboo rats.
    • 2010, Peter S. Ungar, Mammal Teeth: Origin, Evolution, and Diversity[2], page 211:
      Old World porcupines inhabit much of Africa, southern Europe, and Asia. Old World porcupines are also known to gnaw on bones (Bruno and Riccardi 1995; Nowak 1999; Smithers, Skinner, and Chimimba 2005; Barhelmess 2006; Arslan 2008).
    • 2011, Terry A. Vaughan, James M. Ryan, Mammalogy, page 227,
      Erethizon characteristically takes shelter in rock piles, beneath overhanging rocks, or in hollow logs but (as other New World porcupines) does not dig burrows as do Old World porcupines.


  • (any species of the family Hystricidae): hystricid

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