Parker square

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Named after Matt Parker, Australian mathematician.

Proper noun[edit]

Parker square

  1. A radially symmetric latin square.
    • 2004, Mathematical Reviews, page 8484:
      The use of Parker squares in the construction of sets of mutually orthogonal Latin squares is then examined.
    • 2004, Ian M. Wanless, “Diagonally cyclic latin squares”, in European Journal of Combinatorics, volume 25, number 3:
      A main class will contain a certain type of Parker square if and only if each square in the class is isotopic to a Parker square of that type.
    • 2015, A. Donald Keedwell, ‎József Dénes, Latin Squares and their Applications, →ISBN, page 287:
      Thus, Parker squares of different types may lie in the same isomorphism class and, a fortiori, in the same isotopism or main class of latin squares.
  2. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) A failed attempt at creating a magic square:
292 12 472
412 372 12
232 412 292