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Most are named after President Polk, except Missouri (Ezekiel Polk, his grandfather) and North Carolina (William Polk).

Proper noun[edit]

Polk County

  1. one of 75 counties in Arkansas, USA, with its county seat in Mena.
  2. one of 67 counties in Florida, USA; county seat Bartow.
  3. one of 159 counties in Georgia, USA; county seat Cedartown.
  4. one of 99 counties in Iowa, USA; county seat Des Moines.
  5. one of 87 counties in Minnesota, USA; county seat Crookston.
  6. one of 114 counties in Missouri, USA; county seat Bolivar.
  7. one of 93 counties in Nebraska, USA; county seat Osceola.
  8. one of 100 counties in North Carolina; USA; county seat Columbus.
  9. one of 36 counties in Oregon, USA; county seat Dallas.
  10. one of 95 counties in Tennessee, USA; county seat Benton.
  11. one of 254 counties in Texas, USA; county seat Livingston.
  12. one of 72 counties in Wisconsin, USA; county seat Balsam Lake.