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Alternative forms[edit]


Variant of Portuguese, or perhaps back-formation from Portuguese taking it as a plural.



Portagee (plural Portagees)

  1. (dated, ethnic slur, pejorative) A person from Portugal or a person of Portuguese descent.
    • 1993, Common Lives, Lesbian Lives- Issues 47-49, page 37:
      She lives in New Bedford, and her dad's not around much and her mum calls her boyfriend a Portagee, a fuckin' greenhorn, and she says, Ma, he's 3rd generation, but her mum just rolls her eyes and fixes a drink, fills her glass with ice from the icemaker they have, pours some bourbon from the bottle on the glass-and-mirror shelf above the sink, turns on one of the gold seahorse faucets just a swoosh, and goes into the living room with the paper.
    • 2000, John Steinbeck, Tortilla Flat, ↑ISBN:
      The Portagee sighed happily. He was home again.
    • 2002, Lanai Tabura & ‎Augusto E. Tulba, Lanai and Angies Joke of the Day, ↑ISBN, page 40:
      What did the Portagee say when he opened a box of Cheerios? "Look, a box of doughnut seeds!"
    • 2005, John A. Broussard, Death and Near Death: A Yoshinobu Mystery, ↑ISBN, page 121:
      “You damn, dumb Portagee,” he was saying, “How could you have fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book?


Portagee (comparative more Portagee, superlative most Portagee)

  1. Portuguese.
    • 2006, Jerry Hopkins, The Da Lima Code, ↑ISBN, page 49:
      Did you hear about the man who was half Portagee and half Italian? He made himself an offer he couldn't understand.
    • 2008, Mary Frosch, Coming of Age in the 21st Century: Growing Up in America Today:
      Melvin has a very Portagee accent.
    • 2013, Joseph A. Conforti, Another City Upon a Hill: A New England Memoir, ↑ISBN:
      The religious shrines that sprouted in front yards across St. Anthony's parish were too Portagee or greenhornish for my mother.

Related terms[edit]