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Portugall (plural Portugalls)

  1. (obsolete) A Portuguese person.
    • 1619, W. W. Gent (translator), A briefe relation of the persecution lately made against the Catholike christians, in the Kingdome of Iaponia
      AMONGST other coũtryes which were vnknowne to vs of Europe vntill in this later age they were diſcouered by the Spaniardes & Portugalls, one is Iapone...
    • 1630, John Smith, Travels of Captaine John Smith, 1907 edition, Vol. II, p. 167-8 [1]
      The Kingdome of Congo is about 600. miles diameter any way, the chiefe Citie called St. Savadore, seated upon an exceeding high mountaine, 150. miles from the Sea, verie fertile, and inhabited with more than 100000. persons, where is an excellent prospect over all the plaine Countreyes about it, well watered, lying (as it were) in the Center of this Kingdome, over all which the Portugalls now command, though but an handfull in comparison of Negroes.
    • 1662, John Bargrave, Pope Alexander VII
      At a congregational meeting he was for the reception of the Portugall embassador.


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Proper noun[edit]

Il-Portugall m

  1. Portugal