quota hora est

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Alternative forms[edit]


From quota the feminine of quotus (what number of) + hōra (hour) + est (it is) the third person singular of sum (I am). Literally meaning "what is the number of the hour?".


Quota hōra est?

  1. what time is it?
    Quota hora est? - Decima hora est et dimidia.
    What time is it? - It's thirty minutes past ten.
    Quota hora est? - Hora septima minuta tertia decima.
    What time is it? - It's seven thirteen.
    Quota hora est? - Hora undecima et dimidia.
    What time is it? - It's half past eleven.
    Quota hora est? - Hora prima et dodrante.
    What time is it? - It's a quarter to two.

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