quota hora est

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Alternative forms[edit]


From quota the feminine of quotus ‎(what number of) + hōra ‎(hour) + est ‎(it is) the third person singular of sum ‎(I am). Literally meaning "what is the number of the hour?".


Quota hōra est?

  1. what time is it?
    Quota hora est? - Decima hora est et dimidia.
    What time is it? - It's thirty minutes past ten.
    Quota hora est? - Hora septima minuta tertia decima.
    What time is it? - It's seven thirteen.
    Quota hora est? - Hora undecima et dimidia.
    What time is it? - It's half past eleven.
    Quota hora est? - Hora prima et dodrante.
    What time is it? - It's a quarter to two.

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