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Rīga (Latvijā)


The origin of the word Rīga is disputed. Some claim that it is a borrowing from Livonian ringa ‎(loop), referring to the ancient natural harbor formed by the tributary loop of the Daugava river. Others consider it a form of Riege, the German name of the Rīdzene, a tributary of the Daugava river. Others yet derive it from rija ‎(threshing barn), the j becoming a g in German (note that English geographer Richard Hakluyt calls the city Rie in 1589, and that German historian Dionysius Fabricius confirms in 1610 the origin of Rīga from rija).



Proper noun[edit]

Rīga f ‎(4th declension)

  1. Riga, the capital city of Latvia
    Rīgas vēsturiskais centrs — the historic center of Riga
    Rīgas dzelzceļa stacijaRiga railway station
    Rīga ir galvenais industriālais, darījumu, kultūras, sporta un finanšsu centrs Baltijā — Riga is the main industrial, business, cultural, sports and financial center in the Baltics


Derived terms[edit]