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 Rīga on Latvian Wikipedia
Rīga (Latvijā)


The origin of the word Rīga is disputed. Some claim that it is borrowed from Livonian ringa (loop), referring to the ancient natural harbor formed by the tributary loop of the Daugava river. Others consider it a form of Riege, the German name of the Rīdzene, a tributary of the Daugava river. Others yet derive it from rija (threshing barn), the j becoming a g in German (note that English geographer Richard Hakluyt calls the city Rie in 1589, and that German historian Dionysius Fabricius confirms in 1610 the origin of Rīga from rija).



Proper noun[edit]

Rīga f (4th declension)

  1. Riga, the capital city of Latvia
    Rīgas vēsturiskais centrsthe historic center of Riga
    Rīgas dzelzceļa stacijaRiga railway station
    Rīga ir galvenais industriālais, darījumu, kultūras, sporta un finanšu centrs BaltijāRiga is the main industrial, business, cultural, sports and financial center in the Baltics


Derived terms[edit]