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RINO (plural RINOs)

  1. (US politics) Republican in name only. Typically used by conservative members of the U.S. Republican Party to describe liberal Republicans or Republicans seen as liberals.
    • 1994 September, Raphael J. Sonenshein, Politics in Black and White: Race and Power in Los Angeles, page 303, Princeton University Press
      Irritated that Riordan’s key aides are Democrats, some Republican party activists sported RINO (Republican In Name Only) buttons at a Riordan speech (Los Angeles Times, 16 May 1994).
    • 1998 October 28, Eric Chomko, “George W. Bush: Our Next President”, alt.president.clinton, Usenet
      And Bush is a RINO - Republican In Name Only. Even my dad, a lifelong Democrat, says that Bush (this one) is much more moderate...
    • 2005 September, Brannon Howse, One Nation Under Man?: The Worldview War Between Christians and the Secular Left, page 61, Broadman & Holman Publishing Group
      Among Republicans, there are the RINOs—Republican In Name Only.
      A RINO does not apply convictions based upon a biblical worldview to public policy.


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