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Redmond +‎ -ian, from Redmond, Washington, US, where Microsoft has its headquarters.


Redmondian (comparative more Redmondian, superlative most Redmondian)

  1. (informal, computing) Of or pertaining to Microsoft.
    • 1999, Network World (volume 16, number 29, July 1999)
      In essence, anyone who speaks ill of Linux in any context and under any circumstances is a Redmondian demi-demon or an infidel...
    • 2003, Steve Bass, PC annoyances: how to fix the most annoying things about your personal computer
      With typical Redmondian logic, the company hid Hotmail's address-book importing feature in Outlook Express, where it's called Synchronize Now and doesn't mention Hotmail.
    • 2006, Yogesh Shetty, Samir Jayaswal, Practical .NET for financial markets
      .NET innovation is the culmination of the "Redmondian" imagination.