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Republican (comparative more Republican, superlative most Republican)

  1. (US politics) Of or pertaining to the Republican Party of the United States.
    Coordinate terms: Democratic, Green, Libertarian
    There are Libertarian, Republican and Democratic nominees running for office right now.
  2. Alternative letter-case form of republican.

Derived terms[edit]



Republican (plural Republicans)

  1. (US politics) A member or supporter of the Republican Party, the more right-wing of the two main political parties in the United States.
    Synonyms: (vulgar, derogatory) Republicunt, (derogatory) Retardican, (derogatory) Rethuglican
    Coordinate terms: Democrat, Green, Libertarian
  2. (Britain, Ireland) An Irish nationalist; a proponent of a united Ireland.
  3. (chiefly Ireland, now rare) A member or supporter of Fianna Fáil, a centre-right party in Ireland.
    • 1970, The Republic of Ireland: an hypothesis in eight chapters and two intermissions:
      It was confident both that the Republicans would never put it out to put Cosgrave in, and that Fine Gael was equally against the Republicans.
  4. (historical) A supporter of the government or left-wing side in the Spanish Civil War.
  5. A member of Les Républicains, a right-wing party in France.
  6. A member of Die Republikaner, a far-right party in Germany.