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Norman Rockwell.


Rockwell +‎ -esque


Rockwellesque (comparative more Rockwellesque, superlative most Rockwellesque)

  1. (chiefly US) Characteristic of the artwork of Norman Rockwell, particularly his idealistic, quaint, or sentimental portrayals of American life.
    Synonym: Rockwellian
    • 1980. Washington Post, 6 Apr 1980, G1:
      It's an oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle,' said Dowd, a gaunt, ruddy-faced Norman Rockwellesque figure.
    • 1994. Vanity Fair, July 1994, 113/1:
      Afterward, there is a Norman Rockwellesque church supper.
    • 2001. Modesto Bee, 23 Nov 2001, B8:
      I saw a rather disturbing cartoon on the Opinion page today..a Norman Rockwellesque family sitting down to a serving of bin Laden.


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