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Rolls (plural Rolls)

  1. (informal) Rolls-Royce automobile
    • 1965 January, Jim Dunne, Alex Markovich, “How Plus is a Luxury Car?”, in Popular Mechanics[1], volume 125, number 1, Hearst Magazines, →ISSN, page 96:
      An exclusive feature is the triple-safe brakes in the Rolls—two independent hydraulic systems plus mechanical linkage to the rear wheels.
    • 1985 March, “A Loophole Big Enough For A Rolls”, in Changing Times[2], volume 39, number 3, Kiplinger Washington Editors, →ISSN, page 9:
      Thus a $100,000 Rolls could earn a tax credit of $6,000 and first-year depreciation of almost $25,000.
    • 2008, Gail McFarland, Drem Runner[3], →ISBN, page 36:
      Steven was taking his time pulling the Rolls convertible around to the door.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A surname.