Romeo and Juliet

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From a tragedy, written by Shakespeare, about two young lovers named Romeo and Juliet whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families.

Proper noun[edit]

Romeo and Juliet

  1. A pair of lovers, particularly if they are young, visibly enamored, and come from families or groups that are on opposing sides of a dispute.
    • 1996, Katherine Stone, Rainbows, page 73:
      Unlike cynical you, however, I do believe a Romeo and Juliet love is possible.
    • 2008, Judith Viorst, Grown-Up Marriage: What We Know, Wish We Had Known, and Still Need to Know, page 6:
      We all married—well, most of us married—for love, for some version of Sinatra and Casablanca love, for a love that would light up our lives and cast out fear, for a Romeo and Juliet love (except with a better ending), for a love that the poet John Donne once wrote "makes one little room an everywhere."


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