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Echium plantagineum
In Baldina Creek river bed, near Burra, South Australia


From salvation + Jane (female given name); a reference to its use as animal fodder in times of drought.


Salvation Jane (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, chiefly South Australia) The plant Echium plantagineum.
    • 2001, Law Book Company, The Federal Law Reports[1], volume 162, page 447:
      The plaintiff, an agency of the Commonwealth, in 1980 proposed to import into Australia and release certain insects for the purpose of eradicating or controlling a plant known as Salvation Jane. The plaintiff regarded Salvation Jane as a noxious weed. However, apiarists and certain others engaged in the production of honey regarded Salvation Jane as useful in agricultural production.
    • 2009, Basia Bonkowski, Shimmer, Large print edition, page 176,
      Salvation Jane coats the hills like a lavender shroud. Its distant beauty is at once mysterious and deceptive—the purple tubular flowers sublime and delicate, the stems holding them prickly and unrelenting.
    • 2009, Nathan Mullins, How to Amputate a Leg: And Other Ways to Stay Out of Trouble[2], page 164:
      Though it is a meagre source of food compared to grass when there is no grass, Salvation Jane may just save the day for a hungry herd.