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Echium plantagineum
In Baldina Creek river bed, near Burra, South Australia



From salvation + Jane ‎(female given name); a reference to its use as animal fodder in times of drought.


Salvation Jane ‎(uncountable)

  1. (Australia, chiefly South Australia) The plant Echium plantagineum.
    • 2001, Law Book Company, The Federal Law Reports, Volume 162, page 447,
      The plaintiff, an agency of the Commonwealth, in 1980 proposed to import into Australia and release certain insects for the purpose of eradicating or controlling a plant known as Salvation Jane. The plaintiff regarded Salvation Jane as a noxious weed. However, apiarists and certain others engaged in the production of honey regarded Salvation Jane as useful in agricultural production.
    • 2009, Basia Bonkowski, Shimmer, Large print edition, page 176,
      Salvation Jane coats the hills like a lavender shroud. Its distant beauty is at once mysterious and deceptive—the purple tubular flowers sublime and delicate, the stems holding them prickly and unrelenting.
    • 2009, Nathan Mullins, How to Amputate a Leg: And Other Ways to Stay Out of Trouble, page 164,
      Though it is a meagre source of food compared to grass when there is no grass, Salvation Jane may just save the day for a hungry herd.