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Etymology 1[edit]

The cities are named after the Savannah River, possibly derived from Shawnee or Algonquian.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. The name of a river and several cities in the United States.
    1. a city in Georgia, and the county seat of Chatham County.
    2. a city in Missouri, and the county seat of Andrew County.
    3. a city in Tennessee, and the county seat of Hardin County.
  2. A female given name from the word savannah or from the place name; also spelled Savanna.
    • 2004, Anne Frasier, Play dead, →ISBN:
      "I kind of like Bianca. And Chelsea. And Courtney."
      Elise gave it some thought. " Those are nice names." She nodded.
      "What do you think about Savannah?" Audrey asked. " Then I could be Savannah from Savannah."


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Etymology 2[edit]

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Savannah (plural Savannahs)

  1. A Savannah cat.

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