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Alternative forms[edit]


From snick +‎ -meter


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌsnɪkˈɒm.ə.tə(ɹ)/


Snickometer (plural Snickometers)

  1. (cricket) a device that combines slow-motion video and a graphical representation of sound waves recorded from stump and pitch microphones to determine whether a small noise (a snick) occurred as the ball passed the bat and/or pad, and thus whether the batsman made contact with the ball.
    • 1999 July 7, L. Hibbert, “Decisions you can't argue with”, in Professional Engineering[1], volume 12, number 13, ISSN 0953-6639, pages 26-27:
      In cricket, there is the "third eye" to decide close run-out decisions, and also Channel 4 is introducing a technological innovation called Snickometer designed to end debates whether or not a batsman has actually made contact with the ball.
    • 2002, Mark Nicholas, Jargonbusting: Mastering The Art of Cricket[2], Channel 4 Books, foreword of original by Simon Hughes, →ISBN, Foreword, page 6:
      Alongside the snickometer moments there was the Saturday morning Roadshow, the Analyst, Jargonbusting, a sympathetic interview, an orginal feature, an e-mail question answered.
    • 2007, Robert MacGregor, I Can't Take Any More Crap![3], Troubador Publishing, →ISBN, Umpiring, Cricket, Test Matches, Bad, page 237:
      And we have the Snickometer to put beyond doubt whether the batsman touched the ball with his bat or gloves and not his ear or his arse.

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