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Pick up that cross.
Move those crosses here.
He was very cross.
He said it very crossly.
She was even crosser.
He was the crossest.
Why did he cross the road?
When she crosses.
Is he crossing?
Has she crossed yet?
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  • Gracie, “MODS IN TORONTO WHERE ARE YOU? ALSO BLUR ARE AMAZING!”,, Usenet I'm a huge mod man here from McMaster University and looking
    4 KB (576 words) - 15:48, 26 August 2013
  • was Whept 30 Lashes for Stealing A cheese. 1994, Canadian Folk Music Journal, Canadian Society for Musical Traditions (Société Canadienne pour les Traditions
    1 KB (102 words) - 18:43, 10 January 2015
  • elegy (category English entries needing audio pronunciation (Canada))
    mournful or plaintive poem; a funeral song; a poem of lamentation. dirge, threnody requiem – a piece of music played at a mass for the dead elegiac mournful
    3 KB (103 words) - 16:49, 24 July 2015
  • bunny hug (category Canadian English)
    ragtime music. hooded sweater hoodie kangaroo kangaroo jacket sweatshirt with hood — see hoodie style of dance “bunny hug” in the Canadian Oxford
    692 bytes (66 words) - 11:55, 12 April 2014
  • oughts (Canada, New England), IPA(key): /ɒːts/ (UK) IPA(key): /ɔːts/ (US) IPA(key): /ɑːts/ aughts pl The first decade of a century, such as 1900 to
    1 KB (147 words) - 07:48, 30 May 2015
  • poppy (category Canadian English)
    ‎(“pop music”) +‎ -y. poppy ‎(comparative poppier or more poppy, superlative poppiest or most poppy) (music) In the style of pop music. music style
    7 KB (360 words) - 19:24, 16 September 2015
  • quotation mark (category Canadian English)
    ” ("close inverted commas") or ’ ("close inverted comma"). (Canada, US) One of a pair of quotation marks used to denote a quotation in writing. The same
    3 KB (280 words) - 15:53, 25 May 2014
  • lineup (category Canadian English)
    the lineup because they fit the description of the perpetrator? The answer is only ... (Canada) A line of people or vehicles, in which the individual
    3 KB (329 words) - 21:37, 26 May 2015
  • bogie (category Canadian English)
    bogie ‎(plural bogies) (rail transport, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) Structure with axles and wheels under a railway carriage or locomotive
    2 KB (175 words) - 12:24, 26 June 2015
  • rock (category Canadian English)
    ship crashed on the rocks. (Britain) A boulder or large stone; or (US, Canada) a smaller stone; a pebble. Some fool has thrown a rock through my window
    33 KB (1,679 words) - 12:22, 9 October 2015
  • quill (category Canadian English)
    a tube. The pen of a squid. (music) The plectrum with which musicians strike the strings of certain instruments. (music) The tube of a musical instrument
    7 KB (591 words) - 01:03, 28 September 2015
  • corn (category Canadian English)
    còrn, Còrn, and Corn (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /kɔːn/ (US, Canada) IPA(key): /kɔɹn/ Rhymes: -ɔː(ɹ)n From Middle English corn, from Old
    12 KB (948 words) - 17:51, 4 October 2015
  • NT (category en:Music)
    Northern Territory (of Australia) Northwest Territories (Canada) New Testament (Bible) New Territories (of Hong Kong) neurotensin (music) neighbor tone NT
    1 KB (94 words) - 16:10, 12 August 2015
  • major (category Canadian English)
    to be checked major ‎(plural majors) (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) The main area of study of a student working toward a degree at a college
    13 KB (908 words) - 05:53, 23 September 2015
  • solo (category en:Music)
    (US, Canada) IPA(key): /sɔ.loʊ̯/ Borrowing from Italian solo, from Latin solus, probably related to se ‎(“himself”). solo ‎(plural solos) (music) A piece
    9 KB (464 words) - 04:19, 13 September 2015
  • band (category Canadian English)
    janissary music group of people loosely united for a common purpose anthropology: small group of people living in a simple society Canada: recognized
    19 KB (1,173 words) - 21:29, 1 October 2015
  • KD (category Canadian English)
    KD (Canada, informal) Kraft Dinner: a packaged dry macaroni and cheese mix. 2010, Margaret Meikle, How Much Does Your Head Weigh? (page 159) Lots of people
    2 KB (134 words) - 20:28, 11 August 2015
  • garage (category Canadian English)
    Australia, New Zealand) IPA(key): /ˈɡæˌɹɪdʒ/ (US, Canada, Australia) IPA(key): /ɡəˈɹɑː(d)ʒ/ (Canada) IPA(key): /ɡəˈɹæ(d)ʒ/ Rhymes: -ɑː(d)ʒ, -æɹɪdʒ, -æ(d)ʒ
    11 KB (741 words) - 22:52, 12 September 2015
  • toque (category English terms derived from Canadian French)
    IPA(key): /toʊk/ (Canada) IPA(key): /toʊk/ Wikipedia has an article on: toque Wikipedia toque ‎(plural toques) A type of hat with no brim. 1903—Janet
    8 KB (921 words) - 02:35, 14 September 2015
  • tutti (category en:Music)
    comparable) (music) All together. Indicates that the remainder of a group should join in playing after a solo or other passage with a reduced number of voices
    2 KB (139 words) - 18:32, 18 August 2015

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