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Template with tutorial.
Pick up that cross.
Move those crosses here.
He was very cross.
He said it very crossly.
She was even crosser.
He was the crossest.
Why did he cross the road?
When she crosses.
Is he crossing?
Has she crossed yet?
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  • Greenland (category en:Colorado)
    been part of Greenland. A surname​. A city in Arkansas A village in Barbados A ghost town in California An unincorporated community in Colorado A town in
    6 KB (144 words) - 18:08, 15 October 2015
  • Wellington (category en:Colorado)
    The capital of New Zealand. (politics, New Zealand, slang) by extension, the Government of New Zealand. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, British
    4 KB (165 words) - 00:22, 2 November 2015
  • CSU (category de:Politics)
    Wikipedia has an article on: CSU Wikipedia CSU Initialism of Colorado State University. Initialism of California State University. U.S.C., USC German Wikipedia
    638 bytes (49 words) - 18:43, 12 August 2015
  • red (category en:Politics)
    Supportive of the Labour Party. (Germany, politics) Related to the Social Democratic Party. the red-black grand coalition (astronomy) Of the lower-frequency
    31 KB (1,321 words) - 12:21, 24 November 2015
  • blue (category en:Politics)
    movie (politics) Supportive of, run by (a member of), pertaining to, or dominated by a political party represented by the colour blue. (politics, in particular
    29 KB (1,121 words) - 08:26, 23 November 2015
  • glibertarian (category en:Politics)
    National Scale”, alt.politics.conservative, Usenet: The State of California is following Colorado Springs into the glorious future envisioned by Ayn Rand-addled
    1 KB (139 words) - 23:54, 20 September 2015