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Template with tutorial.
Pick up that cross.
Move those crosses here.
He was very cross.
He said it very crossly.
She was even crosser.
He was the crossest.
Why did he cross the road?
When she crosses.
Is he crossing?
Has she crossed yet?
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  • relationship with another. sister publication, sister city, sister projects (usually attributively) In the same class. sister ships, sister facility (woman
    23 KB (537 words) - 00:14, 18 January 2016
  • o'clock (category English terms with audio links)
    Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes[1], HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2011: I say, Watson, what o'clock is it? 1935, George Goodchild
    10 KB (611 words) - 18:40, 31 January 2016
  • eat (category English terms with audio links)
    which he had not touched, had been removed with a damson pie; and his sister saw […] that he had eaten no more than a spoonful of that either. (intransitive)
    18 KB (683 words) - 03:04, 31 January 2016
  • kick (category English terms with audio links)
    this gun. 2006, Daniel D. Scherschel, Maple Grove, page 81, I asked my sister Jeanette if she wanted to shoot the 12 ga. shotgun. She replied, "does it
    15 KB (1,183 words) - 01:09, 18 January 2016
  • stare (category Dutch terms with audio links)
    (intransitive) to be (intransitive) to live Mia sorella sta a Roma.‎ My sister lives in Rome. (intransitive, followed by a) to keep, stick (intransitive
    9 KB (655 words) - 01:43, 3 February 2016
  • lemma (category Latin nouns having red links in their declension table)
    botany: one of the specialized bracts around the floret in grasses Sister projects lemma (linguistics) on Wikipedia.en.Wikipedia:lemma (linguistics)
    8 KB (527 words) - 17:32, 18 January 2016
  • boss (category English terms with audio links)
    person or object. (geology) A lump-like mass of rock, especially one projecting through a stratum of different rock. A convex protuberance in hammered
    15 KB (1,029 words) - 00:51, 25 January 2016
  • fair (category English terms with audio links)
    Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars, HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2008: "It was a purely scientific research party sent out by
    20 KB (1,259 words) - 05:19, 5 February 2016
  • hip (category English terms with audio links)
    ‎(“to bend”). More at high. hip ‎(plural hips) (anatomy) The outward-projecting parts of the pelvis and top of the femur and the overlying tissue. The
    9 KB (573 words) - 02:30, 26 January 2016