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Template with tutorial.
Pick up that cross.
Move those crosses here.
He was very cross.
He said it very crossly.
She was even crosser.
He was the crossest.
Why did he cross the road?
When she crosses.
Is he crossing?
Has she crossed yet?
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  • on: Gardner gun Wikipedia Invented in 1874 by William Gardner of Toledo, Ohio. Gardner gun ‎(plural Gardner guns) An early mechanical machine gun
    217 bytes (31 words) - 21:32, 16 October 2015
  • 1991 December 22, “Alternative Financing Picks Up Popularity”[1], Toledo Blade (Ohio): Low and no-documentation mortgages. Known as "NINAa" (no income
    2 KB (289 words) - 13:53, 1 February 2016
  • Spain A city in Ohio, United States looted tooled Toledo m Toledo Toledo Toledo (a province of Castile-La Mancha, Spain) Toledo (a city, the provincial
    1 KB (108 words) - 17:30, 21 November 2015
  • known that the Toledo Zoo would be exhibiting a pair of the endangered giant pandas, a state of "pandamonium" has existed in this part of Ohio. For more
    1 KB (158 words) - 20:27, 22 January 2016