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Template with tutorial.
Pick up that cross.
Move those crosses here.
He was very cross.
He said it very crossly.
She was even crosser.
He was the crossest.
Why did he cross the road?
When she crosses.
Is he crossing?
Has she crossed yet?
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  • has an article on: continue Wikipedia continue ‎(plural continues) (video games) an option allowing a gamer to resume play after game over, when all lives
    11 KB (655 words) - 13:16, 22 July 2016
  • participate game ‎(third-person singular simple present games, present participle gaming, simple past and past participle gamed) (intransitive) To
    19 KB (1,302 words) - 21:04, 21 July 2016
  • on: saved game Wikipedia saved game ‎(plural saved games) (video games) A block of saved data, representing the player's progress in a game, that can
    279 bytes (39 words) - 19:45, 18 January 2016
  • pwn (category en:Video games)
    gaming, originally leet, transitive, intransitive) To own, to defeat or dominate (someone or something, especially a game or someone playing a game)
    3 KB (330 words) - 18:37, 22 July 2016
  • farm (category en:Video games)
    realm. (obsolete) To take at a certain rent or rate. (video games, chiefly online gaming) To engage in grinding (repetitive activity) in a particular
    14 KB (961 words) - 21:57, 21 July 2016
  • permadeath (category en:Video games)
    permadeath Wikipedia (video games, slang) Permanent death, where the player cannot continue but is obliged to restart the game from the beginning. 1996
    2 KB (220 words) - 20:38, 25 April 2016
  • matched with those that want to lend. The software and tourism industries continue to grow, while the steel industry remains troubled.‎ The steel industry
    13 KB (605 words) - 23:58, 21 July 2016
  • run (category en:Video games)
    excellent to substandard.‎ (intransitive) To extend in time, to last, to continue (usually with a measure phrase). The sale will run for ten days.  The contract
    50 KB (3,869 words) - 20:24, 21 July 2016
  • Marshall, "Video: Dancing the Night Away," Evening Times (Scotland), p. 6 (retrieved 5 Nov 2010): The film is bound to go great guns on video and fans of
    1 KB (160 words) - 23:22, 20 January 2016
  • save (category pt:Video games)
    English save. save m (plural saves) (informal, gaming) save file (of a video game or computer game) Eu cheguei mesmo na última fase, mas perdi meu save
    19 KB (1,222 words) - 19:59, 21 July 2016
  • hold (category en:Video games)
    fixed while the others spin. (video games, dated) A pause facility. 1983, New Generation Software, Knot in 3D (video game instruction leaflet) A hold facility
    33 KB (2,631 words) - 22:56, 22 July 2016
  • on Sunday, PlayStation2 and X-Box are all very well. But for die-hard video-game connoiseurs the Golden Age ended on 1 February, when Sega announced that
    2 KB (226 words) - 13:58, 26 April 2016
  • lobby (category en:Video games)
    decreased considerably in the US. (video games) A virtual area where players can chat and find opponents for a game. (nautical) An apartment or passageway
    7 KB (517 words) - 18:03, 22 July 2016
  • scumming (category en:Video games)
    characters in roguelike games. (video games, derogatory) The act of restoring a game's save file for the purpose of continuing play with a better outcome than
    864 bytes (97 words) - 19:40, 22 July 2016
  • Film & video marketing, page 445: We took a very guerrilla approach to marketing Goin' Hollywood, in keeping with the irreverent tone of the game. Firefox
    7 KB (415 words) - 16:43, 22 July 2016
  • one-shot (category en:Video games)
    Encyclopedia, 3rd Revised Edition, ISBN 1611729092: The one-shot trend continued in Japan, where fans are used to paying what Western audiences consider
    13 KB (1,682 words) - 06:49, 22 June 2016