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Pick up that cross.
Move those crosses here.
He was very cross.
He said it very crossly.
She was even crosser.
He was the crossest.
Why did he cross the road?
When she crosses.
Is he crossing?
Has she crossed yet?
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  • quarreller quarrelsome From Middle English as "square-headed bolt for a crossbow" c.1225, from Old French quarel (modern French carreau), from Vulgar Latin
    11 KB (612 words) - 00:55, 4 October 2015
  • A flip-flop electronic circuit (obsolete) A latching. (obsolete) A crossbow. (obsolete) That which fastens or holds; a lace; a snare. (Can we find
    4 KB (303 words) - 08:38, 28 September 2015
  • plumbing. The hammer of a firearm trigger mechanism. The notch of an arrow or crossbow. (slang, vulgar) The penis. 1971, William S. Burroughs, The Wild Boys:
    15 KB (904 words) - 16:58, 3 October 2015
  • to be fired from or as if from a catapult to have one's status increased rapidly ballista crossbow onager siege engine trebuchet, trebucket
    5 KB (395 words) - 04:49, 6 September 2015
  • though deprecated by experts) a short arrow, intended to be shot from a crossbow or a catapult. A lightning spark, i.e., a lightning bolt. A sudden event
    16 KB (1,175 words) - 00:42, 2 October 2015
  • (military) An ancient engine of war analogous to the crossbow and ballista. (obsolete) The winch of a crossbow. [14th-19th c.] (chiefly nautical) The handle
    12 KB (798 words) - 20:49, 30 June 2015
  • Bertram de Gordon, standing on the castle wall, levelled a quarrel out of a crossbow. 1879, Richard Jefferies, The Amateur Poacher, chapter1: But then I had
    22 KB (1,255 words) - 18:50, 4 October 2015
  • appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Help:How to check translations
    24 KB (1,026 words) - 17:26, 27 September 2015
  • on: gun Wikipedia From Middle English Lady Gunilda which was a huge crossbow that used powerful shot. It later became used for firearms like cannons
    18 KB (989 words) - 14:30, 7 October 2015