Sturm und Drang

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Borrowed from German phrase with the same figurative meaning.


Sturm und Drang ‎(uncountable)

  1. Turmoil; a period of emotional intensity and anxiety.
    2016 April 26, Tom Hanks, “Tom Hanks Says Self-Doubt Is 'A High-Wire Act That We All Walk'”, in Fresh Air[1], retrieved May 5, 2016:
    My dad was married to the love of his life — finally — it took him three marriages to get there, but when they landed together, they were so busy having fun and dealing with their own Sturm und Drang that I could've been a tenant who lived downstairs.

Alternative forms[edit]



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Sturm und Drang m ‎(genitive Sturmes und Dranges or Sturm und Drang, no plural)

  1. Literally, storm and pressure; figuratively, a period of turmoil.