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Sueco- +‎ -phile


Suecophile (plural Suecophiles)

  1. (rare) Synonym of Swedophile
    • 1992, "Tuomas Ilmari Viljanen", Swedes in Finland (on newsgroup soc.culture.nordic)
      During the 19th century there were some, and during the 30's, when Fennophiles and Suecophiles quarreled whether education in the University in Helsinki should be in Finnish or Swedish, which ended in a winning draw for both.
    • 1994, Hildor Arnold Barton, A Folk Divided
      An enthusiastic Suecophile ever since he had served as United States consul in Gothenburg during the Civil War, he had in 1870 founded a Swedish settlement in his native Maine, had a Swedish wife, and was fluent in Swedish.
    • 1996, "fleur-de-lis", Sources for Finnish Names.... (on newsgroup sfnet.keskustelu.kieli)
      One half of my family is more or less Finnish and the other half is more or less Swedish. I know damn well the both sides of the coin, and I know both the Fennophile and the Suecophile truth. The objective truth - as usually - lies somewhere in-between.