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That's silly![edit]

"Идёт дождь" and "Идёт снег" (3.+4.) actually ought to be grouped together! Since AFAIR "идёт" may be used with any kind of weather expression! Or should we go and list all kinds of (bad) weather, e. g. hailstorms, thunderstorms...instead? ;)) -andy 00:08, 24 December 2010 (UTC)

There is nothing silly about it! Different definitions and examples are added at different times by different people; in this case, by native Russians who may not know the best way to put it in English. Rather than moaning and complaining and insulting the volunteer editors, why don’t you just clean it up and fix it the way you think it should be. If you can’t do it, leave it for someone else to do. This is a collaborative effort and you can actually do some of the work when you see something that needs fixing. —Stephen (Talk) 19:20, 24 December 2010 (UTC)