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Notes on this character[edit]

I am a history PhD candidate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa researching Japanese planning activities in their client/puppet state of Manchukuo. In one of my documents, from 1936, I came across this character in some charts dealing with agriculture. Unfortunately its meaning eluded me for approximately 30 minutes until I stumbled across it in the Wiktionary. Before that I looked throughout the Kojien and the kanji dictionary in my Japanese Casio electronic dictionary, but to no avail. That means it is not one of the characters available for normal modern usage in Japan, although it is in the Microsoft character dictionary that comes with their IME. I also could not find it in Hadamitzky and Spahn's The Kanji Dictionary, nor was it listed among the other measurement characters in pre-war books and documents on Manchukuo that have on hand. In other words, this is a "lost" kanji in a sense, at least on the Japanese side of things. -- 06:04, 9 Jun 2004 (UTC)John K. Treiber, Kapolei, Hawaii