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Google comes up with "Buggin's turn" or "Buggins' turn", the least common is the ugly looking one used by Jacky Fisher and this article. Could it be changed to a commoner form? Tsinfandel 14:49, 11 October 2009 (UTC)

If the name is "Buggins", singular, the possessive form is "Buggins's", isn't it? While "Buggins'" is the possessive form of the plural form of "Buggin", isn't it? — 17:24, 22 November 2009 (UTC)

The name is Buggins, so the correct usage for the possessive form is Buggins' Turn and this article title and content needs to be corrected. Words ending in s's are just wrong.--AlaninSoFlo (talk) 19:20, 4 September 2015 (UTC)