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To be correct, USSR and the other items listed as synonyms are not. The USSR covered a much larger area that is now 15 separate countries. Eclecticology 01:35, 17 Nov 2003 (UTC)

That is true, although a synonym is usually a word of similar rather than identical meaning. (Perhaps they could be listed as Related Words instead.) However, colloquially, the term Russia was very often used by English speakers to refer to the entire USSR. A dictionary should arguably note this, in the same way that the dictionary includes the (equally incorrect) use of "England" to refer to the whole UK. Amatlexico 07:18, 17 Nov 2003 (UTC)

That interpretation of synonym is debatable, but since we have an acceptable alternative we don't have to go there for now. You're right that Russia and USSR were often used interchangeably, but I would never then or now encourage it. As for your other point -- just don't call a Scotsman English unless you're at least 100 metres away from him. :-) Eclecticology 08:38, 17 Nov 2003 (UTC)

To incorporate[edit]

(from wikipedia:List_of_country_name_etymologies)

  • Russia: from a Varangian (Viking) group known as the Rus', and from the state of Kievan Rus' they founded. Soviet scholars were averse to attribute the foundation of Russia to Scandinavians rather than to Slavic cultural groups and therefore often insisted that the term "Rossija" was derived from the ethnonym of the ancient Roxolani. In fact however, the Roxolani are now understood to have been of Sarmatian (Iranian) origin. (See also Etymology of Rus and derivatives and Rus' (people).)
    • Éguó (俄国, Chinese), Nga (Vietnamese):
    • Krievija (Latvian), Krīevõmō (Livonian): after the Krivichians, a Slavic people from Valday. The name of the tribe probably derives from the name of their forefather Prince Kriv, who bore the nickname of Krivoy ("Handicapped") due to some possible birth defect.
    • Nuučča sirė (Нуучча сирэ, Yakut):
    • Venemaa (Estonian), Venäjä (Finnish:

Mikkalai 23:00, 8 Mar 2005 (UTC)