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Vor allem: German translation on check translation list[edit]

Caveat: I'm not a native speaker. "Vor allem" does mean "above all." But it tends to be used mostly in the sense of "especially," or "most notably." For example: Es gibt in der Tat Kritik, vor allem von Hilfsorganisationen. In fact, there is criticism, above all/especially/primarily from aid organisations.

I believe the meaning that actually corresponds to "vor allem" is missing (or unclear) and should be added to the entry for "above all." But I've seen half a dozen different discussions of "entries with numbers," and they have me so flummoxed I dare not do it myself.

For the definition that currently exists in the entry for "above all:" I myself would probably translate it as "vor allem anderen"--first and foremost, first of all, of primary importance. (Lit. before all others) But, that said, you could probably get away with "vor allem" a lot of the time. :-D

And there's also hauptsächlich=primarily/in chief or eigens=specially/specifically. E.g., Natürlich bin ich eigens/hauptsächlich gekommen, um dich zu besuchen=Of course, above all (primarily) I came around to see you.

Hope this helps. Snake 13:09, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

bo: Afrikaans[edit]

P.S. Just noticed there's an Afrikaans request, too. "bo" is not quote right; it means "above." (Since Afrikaans is closely related to Dutch, I imagine it's shortened from the Dutch word for above, "boven.")

I substituted veral and hoofsaaklik. They correspond to vor allem and hauptsächlich, discussed above. Somebody please gloss or whatever it was I'm probably supposed to do, but didn't. Thanks.

Snake 17:03, 10 March 2008 (UTC) again.