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Hello, & sorry for my blundering in writing down spanish translations of "to babble"[edit]

( § "to talk much") : distracted by the abundance of spanish translations for it, I think I wrote "sp" instead of "es" in the entry box, & furthermore, all those interesting verbs went under § "french translations". And maybe I did the same thing yesterday , & charged my old Windows explorer V with my own nitwittery ...Thanks a lot to the kind human being (or robot ?) who'll repair it ( also to red link "Ibt" yesterday ? )

BTW, one may notice that many of those latin verbs begin with "ch' ", often repeated. It certainly owes for "chacher" (a neologism coming from the franco-italo-spanish "black-feet" language which was most used in ex-french Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and around) which has come to be a part of our nowadays vocabulary  : "Tu chaches sur internet ?" (Do you chat on the Net ?)  ; "Elle a une chache terrible !" (My god she can prattle a lot !) T.y. Arapaima 09:31, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

My last blunders on "to babble = to talk much" repaired today  : "Aide-toi, le Ciel t'aidera" = "Help yourself, & Heaven'll help you" , cf "Le Charretier Embourbé" ( "The stuck fast in the mud teamster"), Jean de la Fontaine , Fables, book VI. T.y. , Arapaima 08:25, 22 February 2010 (UTC)